My story so far

I am Susi from New Zealand Wellington.

I was diagnosed with anal cancer last May. Pet scan showed 2 lymphnodes were involved and also showed 2 liver Mets. I went through the standard treatment of anal cancer with having 2 Dosis of 5FU and Mitomycin and 6 weeks Radiation. Nothing was done about liver Mets at that stage. The hope was that the Mets remained exactly the same and could be taken out after first treatment. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case. I have now at least 7 Mets in the liver which show an aggressive nature. A few weeks ago I started on a regimen of Carboplatin and Paclatexol. I am on my second cycle now. After feeling up and down for quite some time I have reached a better place again feeling strong and optimistic. It would be so great to hear from other stage 4 survivors. 

I am so glad I found this blog. 

Looking forward to hear from you.

susi x

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Hi Susi. I welcome you, but I'm sorry to hear of your diagnosis and current battle with stage 4 anal cancer. I'm glad to hear you are currently feeling strong and your attitude is great! You are asking to hear from stage 4 anal cancer survivors and I hope you'll get some feedback from other members. I was diagnosed with stage 1 (or 2, as it was right on the fence between the two) in 2008. Fortunately for me, the cancer remained localized. Therefore, I do not have personal experience with any type of mets. You might check out the website for the HPV and Anal Cancer Foundation at They have a peer-to-peer program that might be helpful to you.

I wish you all the very best as you continue to seek out information and support. Keep fighting!
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Hi Susi. I am glad you found this group as well. Unfortunately, I have no advice on being stage 4. I was stage 2. I know there are stage four people on this blog. And I will be sending you hugs, love, and prayers.
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Hi, Susi—Your positive attitude can move mountains. Keep us posted on your progress, and you will no doubt get some great advice by people who have been through your stage and treatment. Sending positive vibes to you in beautiful New Zealand!
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Hi Susi! So glad you were able to post on your main page. I asked Jill from admin if she could help you. She is the founder of this wonderful blog. We all owe her a debt of gratitude. I hope other stage 4 survivors will help you. Keep up your great attitude and keep us posted on your journey forward. Blessings, Cherie
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Sending prayers and big hug for continued success with chemo.
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Hi Olga, how are you coping? Is cyber knife an option for you? The Mets in my liver are all over but I will ask my oncologist re cyber knife. I am reading some good books by Carl Simonton at the moment. Looking forward to hear from you. Susi 🙋
HI Susi, I don't think Olga will see this message to her, unless you post it on her page. Hope you are doing well.
Hi Susie. We are all here for you. I was diagnosed Stage 3 in January 2017...I have read blogs from several Stage 4 survivors on this site. Keeping a positive attitude gets all of us through the worst times.
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I am a stage 4 adenocarcinoma Pancreatic survivor of a little over 2 years. Make the best lemonade out of those lemons cancer throws our way😀. Since several of my blog s are on here and my days worth of Ritalin is running low, I will say glad you found us. Hope we can be helpful.
Hi Emsnana, thank you for your message. I hope you are coping with your situation. I am sorry to hear that you are stage 4 too. I will have a ct scan next Tuesday to see wheather the chemo is working.I hope so much that it is. What treatment are you doing at present? All the very best. Susi
Happy birthday, Susi! I hope things are looking up for you. Let us know—we care.
Susi, it us truly a sad day to learn you have left us. I know you fought the good fight. It is also a happy day because I know your suffering has ended and you have found peace. I hope to see you on the other side.
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